Together we can make a difference. With your contribution, we can continue to take a stand for Empathy, Compassion, Respect, and Unity; and help make the world a bit more Golden.

Our Mission

Pursuant to The Golden Rule, we exist to educate, inspire and generate action to improve the way our greater community welcomes immigrants.

Where does my donation go?

When you join the #BEGOLDEN effort with your generous donation, we can fund activities and events that educate, inspire and generate action in our community. Our team is hard at work producing new content such as videos and testimonials, creating programs for schools and organizations to help spread The Golden Rule, and planning future events that can help welcome everyone including those who were born outside the U.S. to our community in a tangible way.

#BEGOLDEN is supported by a combination of business, school, faith and government organizations in the North Texas area. Your donation is tax deductible. One of our partners, Catholic Charities Dallas, is generously facilitating donations and ensuring that 100% of your donation (absolutely no administration fees) supports #BEGOLDEN and the work to build a more welcoming community.